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Clean Beauty: With a Laid-Back Twist

Feb 20, 2020

“Yeah, I’ve tried clean beauty. But it just wasn’t for me.” Sound familiar? Then this is for you.

The #laidbackcleanbeauty Backstory

A few years back I was at a party and some friends starting talking about the clean beauty movement. Clean beauty? What’s that? It was totally new to me. And I was a huge skeptic. Huge. What they were saying felt like a marketing gimmick more than anything else. So I set out to quietly prove my friends wrong. But after a few weeks of digging around, I couldn’t help but change my opinion.

So I started sharing my newfound understanding and experience with friends and family. And it slowly spread from there.

Well, after a few years of helping people switch to clean beauty, I noticed something. Many people fell into one or more of the following groups:

  • The Overwhelmed: They were frozen with the options and information.
  • The Hesitant: They felt clean beauty wasn’t for them because of one or two bad experiences. ⁣
  • The Unrepresented: They felt like they didn’t fit the clean beauty “mold”; they didn’t live an organic-only or Whole Foods lifestyle.
  • The Avoiders: They felt like they were being shamed or yelled at by clean beauty advocates. ⁣So they shut themselves off to the idea– can’t say I blame them.

Any of that sound relatable?

The Laid-Back Clean Beauty Solution

So it got me thinking. How could I help foster a more open-minded curiosity? Because other than that time I was prescribed Accutane in middle school, I’ve never had as good of skincare results as I’ve had since switching. And I wanted other people to have a similar experience.

Then one day I was driving in my car and the idea came to me clear as day: #laidbackcleanbeauty. It’s a way to meet in the middle with conventional and clean.
It’s a more relaxed take on the clean beauty movement. One that is all about embracing where you are in this journey. You don’t have to ditch your favorite moisturizer.⁣ Nor do you have to do a total overhaul. One switch is better than no switch, right? And who knows? You just might find yourself down a rabbit hole of awesomeness after you find that one golden product.

The Invitation

So I invite you to slowly start switching things over. Yes even you, the diet coke drinking, McDonald’s loving (don’t you dare ask me to share my fries 😜) friend. And when you are switching things over, share them on social media, regardless of what’s in your routine, with #laidbackcleanbeauty. That way we can all learn from one another’s experiences.  

And know that there are people like me, ready and willing to be your guinea pig by trying all the products first for you. (Stay tune for a run-down of my current favorites.)

Let’s show everyone how easy this switch can be, and that there’s room for conventional and clean on the same shelf.

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