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The Middle Mom: Where Inspiration meets Hot-Mess

Feb 21, 2020

Some of my mom friends and I have been talking. **cough cough Hey, Claire!** And we’ve noticed some trends in the land of Social Media. Something tells me you have, too.

So let’s talk about these trends, shall we? And see if we agree on the next best addition?

Trend 1: The Inspiration Mom

The Inspiration Mom was first to land on our screens. We welcomed her with open arms as we anxiously planned for weddings, showers, baby bumps and first homes.

You name it, she had something up her sleeve for whatever it was. Everything she touched was beautifully executed. And she always looked so rested and perfectly accessorized while doing so. Did we mention her kids were angels? Like all the time.

And she had a group of friends who were equally perfect. The more, the merrier, and the better the Pinterest board, right?

But then something happened.

We realized we weren’t doing life the way they were. We started to feel less inspired and more inadequate. Were we doing enough? Planning enough? Laughing enough?

Something was missing. Where was the poop talk? And the coffee stains? And the postpartum micro-bangs?

Trend 2: The Hot-Mess Mom

Enter the Hot-Mess Mom. Man did she provide us with some solidarity laughs. She was hilarious and honest and always ready to tell it how it was.

But her outlook on life was typically pretty negative. Maybe to balance out the perfectly-perfectness of the Inspiration Mom? Who knows.

Problem was we started to look at life negatively, too. And without even realizing it. It just happened that one day our toddlers were assholes, our husbands were incompetent and motherhood was doomed to be hard.

Buckle up, ladies! Can’t do much about these troubles, but laugh, rinse and repeat while you drown in a glass of wine.

There’s got to be more to life, right?

Proposed Addition

So what do my friends and I propose we add to the mix? The Somewhere-in-the-Middle Mom. Ok, we can debate her name, but the important thing is her vibe.

She recognizes there is and always will be a need for the Inspiration and Hot-Mess Moms. She doesn’t want them to go away.

But she knows there needs to be some middle ground representation, too. That people are craving to hear from moms who unapologetically show both sides. Who open up about the hard stuff AND the good stuff.

This Middle Mom feels like the mom next door who gets you. And is always there when you need her, whether it is for hand-me-downs, a shoulder to cry on or a solidarity moment.

She works to bring moms back to the middle, so they can focus on what’s most important and fulfilling to them.

And the best part about this new-wave of mom representation? It opens the door to so much variety.

So what do you say?

Want to meet us in the middle? Want to add this Middle Mom to the motherhood bunch?



  1. Attaliah says:

    I am not a mom, yet. I have noticed on social media the trend of both! I’m here for the in the Middle Mom!

you said:

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