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Sonia Roselli Beauty Products You Need to Try

Feb 27, 2020

Ask a makeup artist what the most important step is when applying makeup and chances are they will say skin prep. Foundation goes on smoother. Blending is easier. Everything just works better. So when I sat down in Katy Farrar‘s makeup chair the other day, I wasn’t surprised when she started the session off with skincare. But I was surprised to see her new-to-me products. Sonia Roselli? Tell me more, Katy.

And when Katy was done applying my makeup, I was amazed. My foundation looked and felt so natural and so smooth. She said the skin care products had a lot to do with it. I was sold; Sonia Roselli Beauty was a company my friends needed to know about!

The next day I reached out to Sonia’s team and was like, “Hey I love your stuff. Let’s work together.” And they were like, “Hey, that sounds awesome. Let’s do this!” And they sent me the Have It All kit to review.

Sonia Roselli Have It All kit

Y’all. It’s all so good! But for simplicity’s sake, let’s talk about my top 3 products: Japanese Cleansing Oil, SexAPeel and Water Balm. And we will discuss them in order of use.

But First What is Skin Prep?

As in the general term. Not the Sonia Roselli product line.

Like most beauty topics, the answer will probably vary. But in general skin prep for makeup consists of cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating and priming the skin. The goal is two-fold: create a natural, glowy complexion and optimize the look and wear of makeup.

You cleanse to remove oil and gunk, exfoliate to get rid of unwanted dead skin, hydrate to help plump and prime to help the makeup stay in place.

Now queue the Alanis Morissette because here’s everything you oughta know about my favorite Sonia Roselli’s Skin Prep products.

1. Sonia Roselli Japanse Cleansing Oil

A little spa sesh for your skin.

My love for cleansing oils goes way back. Ok like 2 years back. But it was the first thing I changed when I started to really focus on my skincare routine. And holy cow did it make a HUGE difference. You could say I’m a broken record about it now.

You could also say I’m a cleansing oil hoarder. And this one is one to consider. It really does smell like a trip to the spa. And leaves your skin soft, clean and lightly moisturized.

Japanese Cleansing Oil

What It Is

An efficient, yet non-stipping way to remove oil and residue from your skin. Oily skin people, don’t be afraid! This is your best friend, too.

My Experience

-It is lightweight and moisturizing enough for me to use twice a day.
-It does not irritate my eyes when removing makeup.
-1 pump is sufficient to work it’s magic.

What You Oughta Know

-Make sure to shake it so the oil is an opaque pink– I forgot to do this the first time and it made a difference in overall effectiveness.
-Save the stopper thing on the pump for travel purposes.
-If you have extra dry skin, oil cleansing once a day may be best for you.

Where to buy: Sonia Roselli

2. Sonia Roselli SexAPeel: Instant Exfoliation Spray

If that name doesn’t catch your attention, I don’t know what will.

Ever try a product and instantly think “OMG I NEED this?” Well that was me with SexApeel. You guys. When Katy was done using this for the first time on my skin, I had pills of dry skin on my lap. Pills!!! She actually said “OK now shake the skin off of your lap.” What?!?

And on top of that, your skin is baby smooth after using it. Perfect prep for serum absorption or makeup application.

Sonia Roselli SexAPeel

What It Is

It’s a spray exfoliator with a mix of acids. Spray, rub and rinse away all that unwanted dead skin. Say hello to a smooth canvas for makeup.

My Experience

– It does not tingle. I think this is why I was so surprised to see all the dead skin. It goes on like a serum and quickly starts working.
-It left my skin baby smooth and glowing.
-Watch this highlight reel for my first impression: Bye Dry Skin

What You Oughta Know

Test patch first to see how your skin will respond.
-You can use this anywhere you have dry skin.
-Use this once or twice a week.
-You may or may not like the scent. Most people I talked to like it, but a few mentioned otherwise.
SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN. No matter the time of year. AHAs and the sun do not play well together.

Where to Buy: Sonia Roselli

3. Sonia Roselli Water Balm

Don’t let the name fool you.

It might be classified as a balm, but this stuff is lightweight and perfect for under makeup. It has the consistency of a lightweight moisturizer and really does feel so refreshing when you apply to your skin. And if you are picky about scents, this is very clean. Almost nonexistent in my opinion. And zero synthetic fragrance at that.

Water Balm Skin Prep moisturizer held by hand

What It Is

A powerhouse product. Specifically 5 products in 1: moisturizer, toner/serum, day cream, night cream and makeup primer. Wha!?! Talk about the perfect travel companion.

My Experience

-It’s my new favorite moisturizer. Perfect for my dry skin and I’ve had zero breakouts since using it consistently for the past two weeks.
-Holy smooth finish! It wears beautifully under my Illia True Skin Serum Foundation.

What You Oughta Know

-It does contain dimethicone, but again, it hasn’t given me any problems.
-For best results, let this product sit for about 5 minutes before applying foundation.

Where to Buy: Sonia Roselli

Overall Sonia Roselli Thoughts

Sonia Roselli Beauty’s Cleansing Oil, Sexapeel and Water Balm are well worth adding to your arsenal of skin care. These products play well with makeup and are just all around impressive. As someone with dry skin, I found my skin is noticeably smoother after two weeks of consistent use. (Truthfully I saw a difference right about, but to help manage expectations, let’s say 2 weeks.) And I haven’t felt dry, which is pretty noteworthy for me. These products will always be stocked in my cabinet.

Sonia’s goal was to make skin care products that were both great for the skin and also great for foundation application. And it’s safe to say she and her team nailed it.

Any of these sounding like a win to you? Head over to to check out all the goods!

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