Pandemic Life as Mom: A Bowl Full of Frosted Flakes |

Pandemic Life as Mom: A Bowl Full of Frosted Flakes

Apr 10, 2020

How’s pandemic life been treating you? For me its been a roller-coaster of emotions. Here’s a little snippet of life lately.

Monday, March 30, 2020:

I intentionally slammed a bowl full of unwanted Frosted Flakes into the sink tonight. Yep. I did. In a rather matter-of-fact, calm-as-a-cucumber kind of way. Just like “What’s that, Sarah? Oh, you don’t even want crunchy sugar for dinner? OK. No problem.” *Walks calmly to sink. CRASH BANG.* “Oops. Did I do that?”

First time for everything, I guess?

Hearing “No, Mommy!” for the millionth time in 10 minutes. Having yet another “meal” denied. Life being what it is currently. Pretending like I wasn’t worried about any of it. I mean, throwing that bowl was the only option. And it ended up being exactly what I needed.

As the bowl left my hand, I could feel a wave of frustration leave my body. So much so that I debated for all of 0.3 seconds if I should do it again to see if I’d get a similar reaction. I didn’t. But I did feel more like myself almost immediately.

So now I’m wondering if maybe I should shatter kitchen bowls more often?

Slightly kidding.

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Monday, April 6, 2020:

Truth be told, I haven’t picked up a bible in years. Even then, it was a rare moment. So I found it a little odd when a verse, well really a summary of a verse, kept popping up in my mind about the Second Coming. To help quiet my mind, I set out to find it. And truth be told, I was curious if there were any connections with this pandemic life.

BUZZKILL. It had nothing to do with the Second Coming (Lk 23:29). But it did send me into a rabbit hole of footnotes– the kind of footnotes that link you to related passages.

About 5 minutes into ping-ponging in the Bible, I somehow crossed paths with Seconding Coming stuff. And then it happened. The eye-roll thought crossed my mind: “What if all of this is connected? The fires, the blood moon, people hiding in their caves, waters rising, earthquakes. What if something really is going on? What if Life’s current state is some sort of major wake up call?”

And as I finished that thought, I jumped out of my skin because the building-wide fire alarm went off. So I grab the girls, headed for our car and awkwardly laughed at God.

If there is ever to be a Book of Kelly, the opening chapter would go as such:

The Book of Kelly: Chapter 1

(1) In the fourth month, in the two-thousand-and-twentieth year of our Lord, God revealed Himself to Kelly in alarms of fire. (2) And her pants of blue denim became wet and brown. (3) And she herded her fledglings to her four-door box of metal to seek refuge from the alarms of fire, blaring their obnoxious sounds and flashing obnoxious lights. (4) Upon entering her sanctuary of pearl white radiance, she heard the voice of Prophet Bruce, born in the USA, proclaiming from the box inside, “Oh, I’m on fire.” (5) And she looked up at the sky and said, “Funny, funny.”

The end.

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