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Welcome to the Francis Place: Our First Home

May 16, 2020

We did a thing! As of two weeks ago, Mike and I officially bought our first home! But not just any house. Mike’s grandparents’ house: a cozy 2-bed 1-bath post-war cape situated on top of a hill.

Our first home: post-war cape

Had you asked either of us a year or two prior if we would be in the position to do this, we would have laughed. We move all the time because of Mike’s job. Seven times in the last eight years to be exact. So the possibility seemed slim that we would ever be able to do something like this.

Look who’s laughing now! We bought the house AND we get to enjoy it for 2 years before we put it on the rental market, for our TBD move elsewhere.

Mike and I haven’t narrowed down our reno plan yet, but we do know our goal is two-fold: 1) Bring the house back to life in a timely manner so that we can enjoy our hard work and 2) Focus on what will help make this house live on for decades to come.

It’ll be DIY-ish. Mike’s handy, I’d like to think I am, but we also have 3, soon to be 4, little ones at our feet. Plus, time and quality work are of the essence. So to us that all warrants some occasional third-party help. And we plan on taking you along for the whole reno-ride, start to finish.

To know that Mike and I are carrying on the story of this house is a bit surreal at times– especially as we flip through Francis family photos. But everything in this process has aligned in such a way that one could only say, “Yes, this was meant to be.” This was meant to be our first home.

Mike with his grandparents' outside of their home
Charlotte outside their home in the snow

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