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Nugget Comfort in Bamboo

10 Things to Know About Nugget Play Couches

Jul 22, 2020

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Have you hopped on board the Nugget Play Couches train yet? If not, have no fear! Here’s is everything you need to know about this open-ended, Swiss Army knife of toys. Ehh maybe not the best analogy. But you get the point.

UPDATED 10/24/2021

Nugget Comfort Play Couches on Kelly's Place. All you need to know. Gift ideas. open ended play. Popular toys for kids.
|Our Nugget Comfort in Bamboo|

Nugget Play Couches Details:

What’s a Nugget play couch? Well, it’s basically a kids gym meets furniture piece. It’s a modular foam couch with microfiber covers and is comprised of 4 pieces: two triangular blocks, 1 soft rectangular cushion and 1 sturdy rectangular base. The design super simple, and that’s part of the genius.

Nugget Comfort Play Couches on Kelly's Place. Play couch details. All you need to know. Gift ideas. open ended play. Popular toys for kids.
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10 Things to Know About Nugget play couches:

1. The hardest part is picking a color.

Seriously though. So many beautiful colors! You’ll want them all– or at least a handful. I ended up getting Bamboo and love love love it. If you are having trouble narrowing down your pick, Nugget has featured @jourdanfairchild on their Instagram account (@nuggetcomfort) in the past to help you find your color. They haven’t done it recently, but there are an ample amount of photos for inspiration on their account. Both in their feed and tagged photos.

Additionally, you can buy extra covers for $99, which could be a smart idea anyway. Especially for those with young ones!

2. Play options are endless.

You will often wonder if you got a Nugget for yourself or for the kids. Is it a toy? A piece of furniture? A space ship? So many options! We use it for family movie nights, open ended/gross motor play and even as a makeshift bed. And by makeshift bed, I really mean we used the sturdy base piece as our daughters twin bed mattress for a few months.

You can also find @candokiddo, an Occupational Therapist who specializes in all things baby and toddler, in Nugget’s Instagram story highlights. She shares tips on how to get the most developmental benefits out of your Nugget.

{Head over to @kelly.o.francis, where the community is quality over quantity. Share a laugh or a cry with me. And I promise we have everything under control. Most of the time.}

3. Nugget play couches really are easy to wash!

Like really easy. Ours has already met coffee, yogurt, dirt, an unfortunate encounter with doggy diarrhea, and more. And all came out like a charm! Nugget HQ tested 7 detergent brands and determined Folex Carpet Spot Remover to be the best— Which is the bomb, if you haven’t tried it before. But truthfully I use whatever is on hand.

4. They don’t use flame retardants or other potentially harmful chemicals.

And, Nugget still passes California’s TB-117 fire safety regulation, if that is something important to you.

It’s also CertiPUR-US certified to exceed safety standards. Which means it is mercury, lead, and formaldehyde free, and VOC’s are minimal to protect indoor air quality.

5. Nugget play couches do not go on sale!

I repeat: They DO NOT go on sale! So stop waiting around for a coupon code and hop on that backorder list already.

The company believes in this crazy concept of pricing their product fairly– I wish more companies did this!

Nugget Comfort Play Couches on Kelly's Place. Funny GIF. Gift ideas. open ended play. Popular toys for kids.

6. Restocks sell out fast!

EDIT: Nugget has circumvented this by allowing for backordering.

Like crazy fast. Hop on their email list for the most up-to-date restock dates. And prep for your order like you are back in middle school, anxiously waiting for Brittany’s Opps I Did It Again tickets to drop on Ticketmaster.

7. Shipping can take a hot minute.

These couches are made to order, so shipping time varies depending on demand and time of year. For instance, ours took 3 weeks, while our friend’s took 2 days. But I should also note that we bought ours around Christmas time and my friend bought theirs in March. (And they are made in the USA!) And we weren’t in a pandemic at the time. Soooo yeah.

8. Open your Nugget box as soon as it arrives.

Because of the foam and the way it’s vacuum packaged, you’ll want to open it as soon as it is delivered. So if it’s a gift, plan on either potentially giving it early (that’s what we did) or having a secret storage spot.

9. Remember sharing is caring.

If you have multiple kids, they may find themselves in a How To Share Our Nugget break in period like Richard and Sarah. You’ve been warned.

But now they are pros at sharing it, so there is hope for you!

10. You’ll want another as soon as your first one arrives.

I know I am guilty of this. And so are my friends who have purchased one.


  • When in stock, you can also buy two additional triangle pieces for $99.
  • Here’s a little real life inspo for you:
Nugget Comfort Play Couches on Kelly's Place. Example of Nugget in Bamboo color. All you need to know. Gift ideas. open ended play. Popular toys for kids.
|Nugget Comfort in Bamboo in action TV time|

Nugget Play Couches Bottom Line

Nugget play couches are excellent gifts. There are knock-offs now, which I am sure are wonderful in their own right. But in my opinion, you can’t beat the OG. Plus, you are supporting a solid, US-based company, which is always a win.

Any questions?? Already own one have have thoughts? Share them below!

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