Navigating Pandemic Life: Pleasure in the Pathless Woods |

Navigating Pandemic Life: Pleasure in the Pathless Woods

Jul 24, 2020

Life is odd right now– I guess that probably goes without saying. But does it ever feeling so overwhelming and like pandemic life will never end? I know I’ve been stuck in a rut about it once or twice.

This moment helped switch my Negative Nancy mindset to a more optimistic one. If you are in need of the same for your pandemic life, my hope is that you find it just as helpful.

March 17, 2020

Last night I looked down at my cup of tea to find a Lord Byron quote: “There is pleasure in the pathless woods.” I don’t think it’s what Lord Byron was getting at, but all I could picture was navigating those pathless woods.⁣

At first it sounded rather awful and confusing. A little disjointed. And like I’d have a lot of sticks in my hair.⁣

Cup of tea with Lord Byron quote: There is pleasure in the pathless woods.
| “There is pleasure in the pathless woods.” Lord Byron |

But despite all that, there were bits of happy in there, too. The little flowers popping up through the fallen leaves. The birds chirping. The nearby stream rippling by. ⁣And it suddenly wasn’t so bad.

It was all just a matter of where I was focusing.⁣

Because of that moment, I am now choosing to shift my focus. I’m not dwelling in the anxiety and the changes and the unknown of this pandemic— But I am acknowledging them. And then I’m moving forward. ⁣Looking for those little streams and sunshine peeking through.

And I’m doing my best to carry on with this newfound, albeit temporary, way of life as best as I can.⁣



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