Stepping Back from Social Media: What I've Learned |

Stepping Back from Social Media: What I’ve Learned

Dec 7, 2020

It’s been 5 weeks since my goodbye-for-now post. A post about taking a break from social media until May 2021. And I’m pretty sure it ended with “You can catch me on the blog until then!” Jokes on me. Should have known pulling back from social media would leave little chance for me to show up here, a place where I already had a hard time landing. Why is that??

But here we are! I miss writing. And sharing. And documenting. It might be hard for me to admit some days, but I do.

So how’s the break been?

Well I’ve already learned quite a bit about my habits. Hi, I’m addicted to my phone. And I’ve been reading. A lot. You could say I’ve replaced my dopamine hits from social media with emails from the library saying my holds are ready for curbside pick up. There could be worse trade-offs, right?

Early bedtimes are now a regular occurrence. I have no idea what is going on in the world of politics and I’m very cool with that. My smartphone instantly became lighter when I deleted Instagram and Facebook– both in the literal and figurative sense. Why do I have a smartphone, now?

And dishes and laundry actually get done on the daily.

Did I suddenly become a more patient and present mom? Nah. But I see more clearly how reactive instead of responsive I am, and possible reasons why.

Do I respond better to texts? Ehhhhh. Still working on it. But on the whole, I don’t have my phone on me nearly as much, so there’s that.

Three Surprising Realizations

  1. I feel closer to Mike than ever before. Sure, having number 4’s arrival any day now might have something to do with that. But we talk more at night. And about more meaningful things.

2. 8:30/9:00 bedtimes are a more regular occurrence.

3. I am incapable of handling boredom. Here I was all concerned about my kids being exposed to boredom, but totally oblivious to the fact that I myself can’t handle it. Even in those 30-seconds of sitting on the couch in-between snack requests and I’m-done-going-peepee moments. My mediation-loving self doesn’t know how to just be without mindlessly scrolling.

And indirectly, I watch way less Netflix now. Again, because of the boredom factor. Have you ever paid attention to how many times you pick up your phone when you start getting slightly uninterested in a show? Well I hadn’t prior, but I now know the answer is many times and is what kept me saying Yes to “Are you still watching?”


It’s been an experience. Some moments I’m glad I’m doing this. Some moments logging back on is all I can think about. But it’s been a deep dive into self-awareness. And overall I’m so glad I’m doing this.


Looking for your own social media break inspiration? Check out The Social Dilemma and Essentialism. They were both catalysts for me and might give you that little boost you are looking for. Or point you in the direction of something that speaks to you.


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  1. Whitney says:

    I have definitely been thinking about this!! Kudos on the 5 week mark! I’m guilty of all the things above. Admittedly I’ve been way more attached to Parler now and that is no bueno for the anxiety! I told Dan sometimes I want to just get rid of my smart phone and go back to the good ol flip phone. Anywho, you’re definitely inspiring others such as myself! Hope all is well!! Keeping y’all and baby Francis in my prayers! 🙏🏻❤️

    • Kelly Francis says:

      Wouldn’t that be so nice?? We joke about that, too! Thanks so much Whitney, and I hope yall are doing well!

  2. Meaghan says:

    I was so excited to see you back in the blog. Proud of you even though I miss your funny stories & cute kids on social media. I’m proud of you though, we all need to detox from it and you are inspiring me to consider it too. Hope you & baby Francis are doing well!

    • Kelly Francis says:

      This makes my heart so happy! Means the world that you took the time to reach out. And I miss seeing you too! Hope y’all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years.

  3. Haleigh says:

    Love this! I sure do miss “seeing” you and hearing about your kiddos on social media but I 100% see how beneficial a little social media social distancing can be! I actually told Justin I might ask for a non smart phone I could have during the week and choose one day a week to switch back to my smart phone. Maybe then I would also learn to pay attention to directions while I’m driving instead of relying on Google Maps :). All the best to you guys!

    • Kelly Francis says:

      That’s an idea I could get behind! But I’d literally be lost without my smartphone though 😂 Maybe we should bring back the print out MapQuest days. #neverforget

  4. Brittany Mullens says:

    Hey Kelly! I’ve been thinking about you! Glad you had this update! My telegram deleted everything so I didn’t even have a way to send you a text to check on you! I hope y’all are enjoying social media free time with #4! I’m super inspired to ditch social media too. Hopefully I will just take the plunge soon. Congratulations on your new little love 💕

    • Kelly Francis says:

      Brittany!!! I have the biggest smile on my face reading this! Hope you are doing well and it really is so good to hear from you. ❤️❤️

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