Life as a Family of Six |

Life as a Family of Six

Jan 18, 2021

I found myself holding back those happy-sappy mommy tears as we swayed in the living room. Feeling his little swaddled body nestled against my chest. Thinking about how 5 short weeks ago he wasn’t here. And how unimaginable that already seems.

A healthy baby. A pile of coats on top of a pile of laundry. Marker caps left on the floor and a stack of robot and squiggle-polka dot drawings to go with them. A half-eaten birthday cake on the stove, begging to be tomorrow’s breakfast.

Life has been really good lately.

These 5 weeks have been filled with family time. And the occasional chaotic moment or two. But the kids have adjusted to life as six. And raising a newborn feels second-nature to Mike and I at this point.

There have been many a movie night, adventures to McDonald’s, strolls around the neighborhood, drives to nowhere just to get out, and scooter races up and down the driveway.

As I look around the house after another filled day, I know I should do something about those caps and coats.

But for now we sway. Because as the cliché goes, babies don’t keep.

And without further ado, I introduce to you Mr. James Fisk Francis. Born December 13th, 2020 at 10:55 PM. Weighing in at 8lb 14 oz and 18.75in long. And about as easy going as they come.



  1. Meaghan Coco says:

    Congratulations!! James is so precious! And you are so awesome. I miss you on Instagram, but I am so proud of you for taking time away. So glad to hear that all is well.

  2. Haleigh says:

    Ditto to what Meaghan said but love checking in with you here. Precious babe 🥰.

    • Kelly Francis says:

      Thanks, Haleigh! I miss seeing your face and kiddos on IG! Hope yall had a great Easter! We were lucky to have my parents up for it and they are here for the next few days. ☺️

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