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When you start to day dream about your perfect home, you will likely find yourself searching for inspiration. Maybe that search leads you to Pinterest or Instagram. Maybe movies or a drive around a neighborhood. But for me, I’ve had the best luck with interior design books. Both old and new. Though movies and Instagram trail close behind. And those drives can be pretty fun.

Our bathroom vanity arrived with a broken leg. Mike took one good look at it and knew it was an easy fix. But me? I saw this as something else. This was a money saving opportunity.

Mike started knocking down walls on Thursday. And by walls I mean a closet and some wall paneling. But he had renovation dust moving in the air. And the sweet sound of 1960s paneling landing in the dumpster. Before I knew it, all the noise and smells and “Daddy, can I help?”s had me reminiscing on life a year ago.

A message landed in my inbox. It was a meme share followed by a friend’s counterargument. And I found it so compelling that I took a screenshot of it. And proceeded to forgot about it until a year later when Memories reminded me of it today. It went a little something like this: Meme: “Women […]

I found myself holding back those happy-sappy mommy tears as we swayed in the living room. Feeling his little swaddled body nestled against my chest. Thinking about how 5 short weeks ago he wasn’t here. And how unimaginable that already seems.

Starting the new year off at 5am with a hot cup of coffee. Granted the coffee is sitting on the floor and I’m tending to a 2 week old, but technicalities. There’s a hot cup in my vicinity.

It’s been 5 weeks since my goodbye-for-now post. A post about taking a break from social media until May 2021. And I’m pretty sure it ended with “You can catch me on the blog until then!” Jokes on me. Should have known pulling back from social media would leave little chance for me to show up here, a place where I already had a hard time landing. Why is that??

Oh, Hummingbird cake. How I love you. It was a birthday tradition in my family. Or at least a cake I frequently requested. And I gotta admit it made for the best day-after-birthday breakfast.

Postpartum mental health (aka: perinatal mental health). It’s one of those things you don’t really think about until you get there. And then when you do, you find yourself with a handful of questions.

Life is odd right now– I guess that probably goes without saying.