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Oh, Hummingbird cake. How I love you. It was a birthday tradition in my family. Or at least a cake I frequently requested. And I gotta admit it made for the best day-after-birthday breakfast.

Hummingbird Cake Recipe: A Southern Classic

Postpartum mental health (aka: perinatal mental health). It’s one of those things you don’t really think about until you get there. And then when you do, you find yourself with a handful of questions.

14 Perinatal Mental Health Questions Answered

woman carrying a baby

Life is odd right now– I guess that probably goes without saying.

Navigating Pandemic Life: Pleasure in the Pathless Woods

Have you hopped on board the Nugget train yet? If not, have no fear! Here’s is everything you need to know about this wonderful, open ended toy! It’s easily one of our most enjoyed purchases– and I know handful of friends who can say the same.

10 Things to Know About Nugget Play Couches

Nugget Comfort in Bamboo

Creativity was something that was unknowingly missing from my life. It only took a few years of denial, a marital argument and a drive to thrift store to discover it.⁣My hope is that this post will give you some food for thought during this weird time in life. Maybe you’ll add creativity, physical fitness, blooming […]

The Missing Piece: Creativity

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It’s no secret that Beautycounter is where my love for clean beauty began almost 5 years ago. It’s also no secret that over the last 3 years, I’ve branched out to try other clean beauty products. But there are a few Beautycounter products that stand out above all else in my eyes.

Beautycounter Round-Up: My Tried and True Favorites

Beautycounter Lip Products

We did a thing! As of two weeks ago, Mike and I officially bought our first house! But not just any house. Mike’s grandparents’ house: a cozy 2-bed 1-bath post-war cape situated on top of a hill.

Welcome to the Francis Place: Our First Home

I intentionally slammed a bowl full of unwanted Frosted Flakes into the sink tonight. Yep. I did. In a rather matter-of-fact, calm-as-a-cucumber kind of way. Just like “What’s that Sarah? Oh, you don’t even want crunchy sugar for dinner? OK, no problem.” *Walks calmly to sink. CRASH BANG.* “Oops.”

Pandemic Life as Mom: A Bowl Full of Frosted Flakes


Looking for a cheap and easy meal? Cool. Because turnip soup fits the bill. And cheap and easy is really all I know in the cooking world. This one was floating around the interwebs a good bit this past Fall, and it has become a staple in the Francis house.

Turnip Green and Sausage Soup: Easy Dinner Recipe

Ask a makeup artist what the most important step is when applying makeup and chances are they will say skin prep. Foundation goes on better. Blending is easier. Everything just works better.

Sonia Roselli Beauty: My 3 Favorite Skin Prep Products

Sonia Roselli SexAPeel


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